Automated share trading platform

Cover Almost Stock Brokers Perform Professional Trades.

Software Deployed on AWS Servers.

Automated Trade Monitoring


Brain Tech Intelligence as the name indicates we are an Brain Tech Intelligence organisation based in Indore (India). We have team of experienced IT and Digital Marketing Professionals who are trying to put our best in making our client’s business more easy and hassle free.

We are Providing Algo trading is one of the most leading software, which helps to automate your trade-in effectively & efficiently. Algo-trading is the term used to describe the use of preset software to execute trades. A set of instructions or an algorithm is added to computers

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Our Awesome Features

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Automated functioning

An algorithmic trading platform completely automated.
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Algorithmic software will offer you complete reliability once you start using it.
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Order Management

Algo trading is a powerful and reliable system as it is constructed on a memory-efficient, highly Integer.
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Proper Security

Good algorithmic software will have a set of safeguards and warnings against most general human error.
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Complete Automation

An algorithmic trading platform is overly technical, and since it is completely automated

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